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Adopt a Family

Adopt a familiy program by Children's Hope

“Our goal for “Adopt a family”, a C.H.I.L.D. sponsored program, is to empower underprivileged Orange County families and their dependent children”. In this program’s short life since October 2012, the constant support of social workers, sponsors, members and volunteers enabled us to achieve the following:

Empower nine families to graduate from the program through different ways and means.

Place seven families under safe cover while they worked through their hardships. Support seven other families through our donation center to partially or fully furnish their homes.

. . and finally, please note that 13 more families are waiting for your presence in their lives through your generous donations.

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Our Goal


To transform the lives of children around the world suffering from poverty, hunger, poor education, sickness, and neglect, into lives of hope and possibilities.

Our Philosophy


To reduce the suffering of deprived children and to offer the joys of childhood so that they can grow into independent and loving adults.

Our Purpose


To collaborate with other humanitarian organizations involved in providing children with food, shelter, education, medical care, and opportunities for growth and development.

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